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PlayerLayer launched in 2008 with one product, customised baselayers. Our design approach was, and still is today to create simple, durable, multifunctional sports kit. We create product that lasts. Importantly we developed a technology that allowed us to customise these products. We want to produce sports kit that helps our athletes feel a greater connection to their team, to make them feel that they Belong.

We then began combining recycled and eco friendly materials with our durable, simple designs to launch our EcoLayer line. Our EcoLayer Leggings are the perfect representation of this philosophy. We take old water bottles and chop them into tiny pieces which can be used as the basic ingredient for our yarns, which are then spun into fabric. It takes 25 water bottles to make one pair of leggings.

Following our work with recycled plastics, we entered a partnership with Forest Green Rovers - recognised by FIFA and the United Nations as the greenest sports club in the world. Forest Green Rovers are rebellious, disruptive, exciting and most importantly focussed on the environmental crisis. We developed the worlds first Bamboo mix playing kit, the launch captured the imagination of the sports world. The home kit features nature’s original camo – the zebra stripe.

The National Football Museum have an exhibition of the worlds best 200 football shirts of all time, a starting 11 have been selected. It includes the 1990 Iconic England shirt and the Brazil's classic 1970 World Cup shirt. PlayerLayer and Forest Green Rovers is in the starting line up with their 19/20 Home Shirt. PlayerLayer have also created a limited-edition National Football Museum football shirt.

We produce sports kit for some of Britains best universities, these universities are producing tomorrows thinkers, our most powerful tool in driving change. We produce everything from ski jackets, to rowing suits, to rugby kit, giving the University an identity and encouraging the ethos of “Team”. All of this with the ultimate goal of helping the athletes feel that they Belong.

Working closely with our teams, we are continuing the development of our EcoLayer sports kit. Many of our University teams proudly wear the Bamboo Charcoal, Warwickshire County Cricket Club have made significant environmental goals which we want to be a part of.

One Team, One Earth, Belong.