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Recycled Plastic

We take old water bottles and chop them into tiny pieces which can be used as the basic ingredient for our yarns, this is then spun into fabric. We launched our recycled materials in our leggings. It takes 25 water bottles to make one pair of leggings.

We then launched a wider range of styles in our training range. Now we are using the material in playing kits. Our latest innovation in Recycled materials is a 100% recycled polyester,100% water proof outerwear fabric. This is an extremely technical fabric that we are also able to print any colour into for customisation.. Belong.


Bamboo Charcoal

Bamboo Charcoal fabric is made from yarn embedded with nanoparticles of bamboo charcoal. The yarn used to embed the bamboo is polyester. The polyester allows us to sublimate the football kit colours and logos. It also provides durability which is a fundamental requirement of sports kit. The final result is 50% Bamboo charcoal and 50% Polyester. Bamboo charcoal is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antistatic, de-odorizing, breathable, thermo regulating. However, cannot be bleached and dyed, and is naturally grey in color. (hence the grey interior).

We take 5 year old bamboo that is then dried and burned in traditional clay kilns, reduced to charcoal.

The charcoal is then ground and filtered into nano-sized particles.

The nanoparticles of bamboo charcoal are embedded into the manufactured polyester fibers.



Organic Cotton

Many of us don’t realise that often, what we wear started life in the soil. Cotton is grown in a field, the fluffy fibre is picked and then spun into thread. Once woven into material it is light, breathable, easy to work with and easy to wear.

There are various sustainable cottons available, but, if you want to be sure what you are buying is grown in a truly sustainable way, certified organic cotton is the best option. Organic is the only system which eliminates highly toxic substances from the environment and instead works holistically, for the long-term benefit of people and the planet.

We use Organic Cotton is our range of Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Tee Shirts. There is always a place for cotton in the athletes kit bag, but let’s make it organic… One Earth, One Team, Belong…

The Next Chapter

We will soon be launching fabric inovations that will change sports kit forever.