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Marshall Islands Soccer Federation X PlayerLayer


The Marshall Islands were the last county on earth without a football team.. Until now. The Marshall Islands is a small nation of just 60,000 people in the Pacific Ocean, it may look like a tropical paradise, but the nation is facing an existential crisis. If global temperatures rise by more than 1.5 degrees then some of the islands may become uninhabitable. This could happen as soon as 2030. There is no time to lose. With a goal to eventually become FIFA members, the MISF are building a coaching curriculum for school children on the islands, recruiting eligible males and females for the national team, creating both men's and women's National Soccer Leagues. To be a team, the Marshall Islands will of course need a kit.

The kit showcases the beauty of the Marshallese sunset and is produced using recycled plastic. Following a global design process where 100’s of designers created concepts in support of the project, the final design was produced by Argentinian designer Matías Otero.

“This project is not only about enabling the Marshall Islands to compete internationally, but using soccer as a means to raise awareness of the plight facing our nation. The Marshallese are a strong, proud and adaptable people. We hope the PlayerLayer Team kit will grab the world’s attention and build our community ”

Matt Webb, Marketing Director, Marshall Islands Soccer Federation


Training shot

Training shot

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