PlayerLayer are the kit partners of Durham University. The partnership was launched at the beginning of the 2014 academic year.

Durham is one of Britain’s leading universities with a long history of success in sport. Student athletes are proud to belong to the University’s great tradition and heritage, and now PlayerLayer are equally proud to belong to that same tradition. PlayerLayer are looking forward to helping the current individuals and teams write their own chapter in that history.

“The spirit and heritage of Durham University makes them the perfect partner for PlayerLayer. We will take pride in joining them and becoming part of what is an iconic organisation,” stated chairman Joe Middleton.

PlayerLayer is an exciting new British sports brand. The company makes exclusive, high quality performance sports clothing which can be personalised and customised for both teams and individuals. PlayerLayer began by specialising in personalised baselayers for professional athletes and clubs in rugby, football, cricket and hockey. PlayerLayer now provides a wide range of sports clothing with the same customisation possibilities. The deeply engrained ethos of the brand professes the importance of togetherness and pride within a team or organisation. In the words of PlayerLayer “BELONG”.

“We are excited to partner with PlayerLayer,’’ says Quentin Sloper, Head of Sport, Music and Theatre at Durham University. “I’ve been impressed by everything about PlayerLayer so far. Their enthusiasm for being part of Durham University Sport is infectious and I know our students will enjoy working with them. Part of our responsibility is to ensure that our students are equipped to be the best that they can be in every way possible and sporting apparel is an important part of this. I know that PlayerLayer will enforce our elite approach to sport and also help to cement our future as one of Britain’s most iconic sporting institutions.”