Durham University is an institution defined by its spirit and heritage. A unique identity and demand for excellence across all fields contributed to it being named the Times and Sunday Times Sports University of the Year for 2015.

PlayerLayer are proud to belong to that tradition and support Team Durham in its continual quest to strive for excellence.

After agreeing a partnership with Team Durham, PlayerLayer sought to create a bespoke, consistent sports kit that paid respect to the rich heritage and identity of Durham the city, Durham University the institution, and Team Durham the sporting machine.

This was achieved in a number of ways. The first feature was the introduction of one unique shade of purple that could be used across all products - the famous Palatinate. It was PlayerLayer’s ambition to integrate as much Palatinate as possible into the range, to make that “off the bus” moment a statement of intent and alert the opposition that a sporting giant was in town. This was also inspired by the traditional and prestigious ‘Palatinate’ distinction, which is awarded to Team Durham athletes of the highest level. 

The playing shirts were a classic PlayerLayer design – entirely palatinate with thick white cuffs and collar detail: A classic look, which exudes prestige and confidence. However, the Team Durham shirt needed something more. It was important to design a kit that would strike an emotional connection with those wearing it. A kit that would make athletes know that once they had put on that historic shirt, they were ready to do battle and bleed palatinate. So, PlayerLayer integrated an intricate and subtle zig zag pattern, inspired by the stone pillars at Durham Cathedral, in which this geometric design is carved. This is where Durham students graduate – a special moment, in which the whole university experience culminates. The zig zags feature on the back of all playing shirts and can only be truly understood by those that wear it.

The university’s motto was also a prominent feature. This could be seen on the tail of all match jerseys in its original Latin form - Fundamenta eius super montibus sanctis, which translates as “her foundations are set upon the holy hills”.