The London Blitz of 1940 saw the city bombed for 57 consecutive nights. It was intended to demoralise the British public and damage the war economy beyond repair. Thanks to British unity and determination, it didn’t work.

75 years later, the London Blitz means something quite different, and yet these values of togetherness and grit remain.

Today, London Blitz are a north London-based American Football team, who show resolve. An amateur team whose players juggle training with full-time jobs and fully self-fund their game.

Today, London Blitz are a line-up of individuals from all different walks of life, who show unity. A diverse team whose players show an undisputable solidarity for their club. PlayerLayer are proud to be part of the London Blitz family. 

They are an icon of the multiculturalism that our capital celebrates, and continue to attract the attention of American Football enthusiasts throughout the continent, having won multiple national and European championships in recent times. 

Where the London Blitz of 1940 was intended to devastate communities, the London Blitz of today is unifying its own. The London Blitz of 1940 is a symbol of London’s past, yet the London Blitz of today is a picture of its present.