PlayerLayer was born out of one product – baselayer. We started by making customised baselayer for professionals in the sports we loved and played ourselves. The pros and their coaches demanded the best and so a culture of great product became the first principle of the new company. Even the name, PlayerLayer, was chosen because it talked about the product.

To satisfy the pros, our performance layers had to be the best. However, the pros and their coaches not only loved the quality. They loved the idea that their kit could be personalised and they loved the idea that they could help to design and develop the kit for themselves by talking to our designers. They felt that the kit belonged to them and they belonged to the process of developing the kit.

Given our baselayer heritage, we have always produced leggings and we have always had expertise in body fit, lycra-based, stretch fabrics. Our female customers have always bought our leggings, and as a result, it is already one of our best-selling products.



So, how was Leggings Studio born? A group of women in the company started a lunchtime fitness group. They had a passion for sport, looking good and feeling their best at the same time, as they knew if they did, they would perform their best during their workout.

Their love for performance-based leggings allowed them to evolve. They designed and developed a broad range of leggings for all different body shapes and sizes. They identified that there was an opportunity to use the company’s knowledge, skillset and expertise to produce a wider range of multifunctional leggings.

They developed leggings for running, yoga, gym and, interestingly, built on the company ethos of customisation to develop leggings which could be personalised by the customer. The group evolved into an informal development team and they would meet in the product room at the PlayerLayer headquarters. This room became known as the Leggings Studio.

The new products worked so well, that now the women of PlayerLayer would like to bring their vision to life and share these leggings with our customers. You can find the range in a section of our website, which we have called the Leggings Studio. Women’s products, designed by women for women.