When you wander the cobbled medieval streets of Durham, or take a stroll around the famous Maiden Castle, it quickly becomes apparent that you are somewhere unique. There is an infectious buzz around the place, a sense of belonging and pride, an innate bond and respect amongst all athletes and staff.

Team Durham are creating the leaders of tomorrow.



An iconic British institution which demands success in every walk of life, Durham’s student sport is one of its enduring strengths. Since the historic British year of 1966, they have won over 195 national university sports championships and boasted a countless number of international athletes across a whole host of sports.  

A place which enables exceptional people to do exceptional things, Durham is Britain’s Number One Team Sport University.

But, what is the story that lies behind their success?

The answer? Five vital attributes: Teamwork, Dedication, Focus, Talent and Passion.

Bleed Palatinate. Belong.